What is e-bullion?

e-Bullion is a digital gold currency founded by Jim Fayed and his wife, Pam Fayed.
The company was incorporated in December, 2000, and launched on July 4, 2001. Similar to competing systems such as e-gold, e-Bullion allows for the instant transfer of gold and silver between user accounts. e-Bullion is a registered legal corporate entity of Panama.

As with any digital gold currency, the main focus is keeping assets away from fiat currencies so as to avoid inflationary risks associated with such currencies.

It has also moved its primary servers to Switzerland. The redundant servers and equipment are also outside of United States jurisdiction. Unlike e-gold, e-Bullion provides its own in-house currency exchange service. An e-Bullion account can be funded directly via wire transfer from a bank account. It is also the only digital gold currency (DGC) that allows direct funding to and redemption from an account with precious metals. e-Bullion was the first DGC to issue its own debit card linked to an account. e-Bullion was the first to use CRYPTOCard technology to physically protect user accounts. Goldfinger Bullion Reserve Corporation, a sister company of e-Bullion, hold the precious metals in bullion storage vaults located in either Los Angeles,Delaware, Zurich or Australia. Users can hold and transfer value in gold, silver, or US dollars which they designate as e-Currency. The amount of bullion or US dollars held in the e-Bullion system is undisclosed.

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